VI Control Systems provides software, hardware, or integrated turn-key hardware and software system solutions for computer control and data acquisition problems.

Software Expertise


VI Control Systems has extensive experience in developing LabVIEW programs for control systems, data acquisition systems, and analysis applications. VI Control Systems is a National Instruments Alliance member. See the worlds simplest Virtual Instrument (VI): Front Panel, Diagram.

Internet & LAN Control Systems

VI Control Systems has experience developing LabVIEW applications that use local networks and the Internet for remote control and data collection.

Imaging Expertise

VI Control Systems has experience using LabVIEW software and National Instruments data acquisition hardware to create high quality editable images.

Hardware Expertise

GPIB & RS-232

VI Control Systems has extensive experience developing custom driver level software for commercial instruments and micro-controllers using GPIB and RS-232 interfaces.

Group3 Control

VI Control Systems has developed driver level software for, and has extensive application experience with, all currently available Group3 Control I/O boards. See Group3 Control for more information.

National Instruments Hardware

VI Control Systems has application experience with National Instruments GPIB Boards, DAQ Boards, Digital I/O Boards, Timing I/O Boards, and SCXI hardware.

Custom Hardware Design

VI Control Systems can provide custom analog and digital fiber optic transmission systems to meet your data transmission requirements.

VI Control Systems can provide EMI/RFI chassis and boxes with custom electronic circuit designs to meet your control and data acquisition requirements.

VI Control Systems has 12 years of experience with small signal data acquisition in noisy environments.

** Please see the VI Control Systems Products page for custom boards that may be of use to you. **

Systems Integration

VI Control Systems recently upgraded the control system on the ACRR nuclear reactor at Sandia National Laboratory. The existing control system was replaced with nine computers and custom LabVIEW programs that communicate with each other and National Instruments FieldPoint I/O hardware via Ethernet. Below are a couple of the LabVIEW screens developed for the project (click on thumbnail to see the full 1280×1024 screens). This is just one example of the many system integration projects that VI Control Systems has been involved in.


Automotive Test Solutions, Inc. Manufacturer of several state of the art products for the automotive diagnostic and training industry. Neal Pederson is a co-owner of Automotive Test Solutions and is providing much of the electronic and software design expertise for their products.

ATS Chemical LLC  Manufacturer of chemicals that have been laboratory proven to remove more gasoline-based carbon by weight, from different gasoline carbon types, than any other commercially available induction carbon cleaning chemicals. Neal Pederson is a co-owner of ATS Chemical LLC.