Fiber Optic Interface to National Instruments PCI/PXI 6602 Timing Board


Description:  Interface board for converting signals on a National Instruments PCI/PXI 6602 timing board to and from fiber optic signals. Bursts, delayed pulses, and frequencies can be generated on outputs. The input channels can be used to measure frequency or period.  Digital inputs or outputs can be substituted on channels that are not needed for timing purposes.

Channels:  All 8 timing outputs (outputs 0-7) and 4 timing inputs (gates 4-7) are available as fiber optic outputs and inputs. Software can configure the RTSI bus for gating and sourcing of timing channels.  Multiple PCI/PXI 6602 boards and fiber optic timing boards can share common gating and sourcing signals on the RTSI bus in a one computer. An 80MHz internal clock on the PCI/PXI 6602 can be used to achieve a minimum resolution of 12.5 ns for pulse widths and pulse delays.  Any timing channel that is not being used as an input or output can be used as a digital input or output.  Additionally, jumpers can be used to switch the fiber optic outputs for timing channels 0, 1, or 2 to digital outputs. This allows these fiber optic outputs to be used as digital outputs while timing channels 0, 1, or 2 are being used for internal timing operations (i.e. burst generation).

Optical:  P/N 0001024-P to be used with 1000-micron plastic fiber optic cable or 200-micron silica cable.  Fiber distance for 1000-micron plastic fiber should be limited to 40 meters and 500 meters for 200-micron silica cable.  P/N 0001024-G to be used with 62.5/125-micron glass fiber optic cable.  Fiber distance for glass cable can be up to approximately 1 km.

Power Req.:  Uses fused +5 V power from computer via PCI/PXI 6602 I/O connector.

I/O Interface:  P/N 0001024-P uses HP Versatile Link fiber optic transmitters (HFBR-1521) and receivers (HFBR-2521). P/N 0001024-G uses HP ST style fiber optic transmitters (HFBR-1414T) and receivers (HFBR-2412T).

Physical: Approximately 3.5″ X 6″.

Mounting: Plugs directly into PCI/PXI 6602 in back of computer.

Accessories:  Fiber Optic Transmitter/Receiver & Repeater Board can be used to receive and send signals to and from board.


P/N 0001024-P $495, P/N 0001024-G $595. Price is dependent on quantity and is subject to change at any time without notification.