Direct BNC Plug-In Interface for 68 Pin National Instruments Multifunction DAQ Cards

Description: Interface board plugs directly into National Instruments 68 pin multifunction and simultaneous sampling DAQ cards (PCI and PXI). First four analog inputs, two analog outputs, and trigger channels are available on BNC connectors (SMA/SMB optional). Remaining signals are available on plug-in terminal strip. Jumpers select between differential and single ended grounding schemes. No 68 conductor cable is needed. This reduces system costs and reduces coupling between signals that often occurs on shielded and unshielded 68 conductor cables. Separate analog and digital ground fills on back of board reduce noise pickup.


  • BNC J1-J4: Analog Inputs 0-3
  • BNC J5-J6: Analog Outputs 0-1
  • BNC J7: Trigger 1 and Trigger 2 (Trigger 2 protected with 1k resistor to 5.1V Zener Diode)
  • Terminal Strip TS1: Analog Inputs 4-7, Analog Ground
  • Terminal Strip TS2: Digital Channles 0-7, Counter 0/Gate 0 tied together, Out 0, Counter 1/Gate 1 tied together, Out 0, +5V, Digital Ground
  • Note: Both terminal strips can be unplugged from the board at any time
  • Eight Jumpers: Differential/Single Ended analog input configuration for all eight channels
  • 4.125″ Wide by 6″ High
  • Interfaces to both PCI and PXI DAQ cards

Detailed Schematic: 0001045.pdf

Cost: NI MIO 68 Pin Plug-In Interface BNC, P/N 0001045 $250. Price is dependent on quantity and is subject to change at any time without notification.