12 Channel External Timing Board for Group3 Control


Timing Channels: 12 x 16 bit channels. Each can be programmed for event counting, elapsed time indication, rate generation, and  programmable one-shot applications.

Timing ICs Used:  82C54

Clock Frequency:  1 MHz standard, 10MHz Max. can also be used.

Programmed:  Via Group 3 digital B board and a free LabVIEW driver for the timing controls.

Power Req.:  5-24Vdc to plug-in terminal strip.  If +5 Vdc is used for power, the voltage regulator is not be needed

I/O Interface:  Clock, Gate, and Out for all twelve channels are available on terminal strips and can be connected as needed. +5 Vdc, ground, and the 1 MHz clock are also available. Six inverters from a 74HCT14 are provided at the terminal strip for inverting signals that need it.

Physical: Approximately 4.25″ X 4.25″.

Mounting: Can be mounted with stand-offs or DIN-rail custom circuit module.


P/N 0000-002, $295. Price is dependent on quantity and is subject to change at any time without notification.