Fiber Optic Interface to National Instruments TIO-10 Timing Board #2


Description:  Interface board for converting signals on a National Instruments PC-TIO-10 timing board to and from fiber optic signals. This board is similar to the Fiber Optic Interface to National Instruments TIO-10 Timing Board #1 only it has more channels connected to fiber optic transmitters and receivers. Bursts, delayed pulses, and frequencies can be generated on outputs. The input channels can be used to measure frequency or period. There are also two digital inputs and outputs that can be used for general-purpose fiber optic controls.

Channels:  5 timing outputs (T4, T6, T7, T8, T9), 3 timing inputs (T5, T9, T10), 2 digital outputs (B0, B1) and 2 digital inputs (A0, A1). Each timing output can be gated off a master timing clock (T1) or can run independently. T4 can also generate bursts by using T1-T3. T5 and T10 are connected to Gate5 and Gate10 and can measure pulse width and frequency while T9 is connected to Source9 for counting pulses. Digital port B's first two bits can be used to generate fiber optic outputs. Digital port A's first two bits can be used to read fiber optic inputs. There is a 1MHz and 5MHz internal clock on the PC-TIO-10.

Optical:  To be used with 1000-micron plastic fiber optic cable.  Fiber distance should be limited to 40 meters unless special low-loss fiber is used.

Power Req.:  Uses fused +5 V power from computer via PC-TIO-10 I/O connector.

I/O Interface:  HP Versatile Link fiber optic transmitters and receivers.

Physical: Approximately 2.5" X 5".

Mounting: Plugs directly into PC-TIO-10 in back of computer.

Accessories:  Fiber Optic Transmitter/Receiver & Repeater Board can be used to receive and send signals to and from board.


P/N 0001-020, $495. Price is dependent on quantity and is subject to change at any time without notification.

VISA, MasterCard, and AMEX accepted.


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