Group3 Analog Hall Probe

Corrected for linearity and temperature

Accurate to within 0.05% over 10 to 50 deg C, -1 to +1 tesla, 0 to 10 kHz (other temperature and field ranges possible)

Flexible Probe-

130mm x 10mm circuit board with embedded Hall element.

Max thickness: 2mm.

Cable lengths: 1m to 30m.

Fixed Probe Housings

Very robust probe housings for fixed use.

Standard products.

Special probes available to OEM order.

Non-metallic probe mount fo AC use, available to order.


Group3 corrected Analog Hall Probe

Model HPC-1-2

Probe support:



cross section

108mm from mounting surface to Hall sensor

4mm thick (in field direction) x 20mm wide, Aluminum.

Operating conditions for full correction:


Magnetic field

-l.0 to +1.0 T, Temperature 10 to 50 deg C





10 V/T

(0.02% of full scale + 0.03% of field) T, i.e. 0.2mT at zero, to 0.5mT at full scale, over 10 to 50 deg C






0 to l50kHz (-3dB point)


Noise level

1mV p-p approx (over bandwidth 0 to l0kHz)

Power input requirement:

15V DC nominal, 30mA from each. ( 14.5V min., 18V max.)

Red LED indicator for "power on"

Over temperature output:

Opto-coupled output indicates Hall device over-temperature


D9 male





Other models available:


- full scale ranges from 0.2 to 2 T


- output ranges either 5V or 10V


- different probe lengths, probe mounting methods, and probe mounting materials to order.

Power supply units available:

produces the required 15V from either 24V AC/DC or 12V AC/DC input


HPC-1T-10V-0, 1T/10V full scale bipolar, 20mm diam 110mm long probe, $2,299.00

HPC-1T-10V-1, 1T/10V full scale bipolar, 8 x 20mm, 110mm long probe, $2,299.00

HPC-1T-10V-2, 1T/10V full scale bipolar, 4 x 20mm, 110mm long probe, $2,299.00

HPC-1T-10V-C2, 1T/10V full scale bipolar, 2m shielded probe cable, pcb style probe stem, $2,394.00

HPC-1T-10V-M2, 1T/10V full scale bipolar, 2m shielded probe cable, miniature probe head, $2,394.00

HPS, Power supply for HPC, nom. 24V ac/dc input, 15Vdc output, $285.00

HPCS-1T-10V-C2, HPC + HPS combined in one package, 2m cable, pcb style probe stem, $2,584.00

HPCS-1T-10V-M2, HPC + HPS combined in one package, 2m cable, miniature probe head, $2,584.00

HPCS, Same as above with 3.5 digit LCD display showing output voltage, $2,774.00

Extra probe cable, per meter, $9.50

Notes:  Price is dependent on quantity and is subject to change at any time without notification.

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