The DNA is a precision control and monitoring module, offering both analog and digital channels in one small package. The DeviceNet protocol is used for all I/0 data and configuration parameters. It incorporates many noise resistant features that allow it to operate successfully in harsh electrical environments. In addition to acting as a simple I/0 device, an embedded PID function can be enabled to run closed loop control.


Eight Digital Inputs

Opto-couplers; selectable to sense contact closure, or powered by the input signal.

Two Digital Outputs

Relay contacts; rated at 100 volt, 500mA. Max. switched power 10W

Two Analog Inputs

16 bit resolution, bipolar, each with differential inputs.

Each channel sampled 30 times per second.

Input Ranges: 10 Volt and l00mV

One Analog Output

16 bit resolution, output selectable: l0 volt range, or 4 to 20 mA current output.

Closed Loop Control

PID control can be selected, enabling the unit to act as a controller.

DeviceNet Interface

Baud rate externally settable to 125k, 250k, or 500kbaud.

MACID - address externally settable by two rotary switches, in the range 0 to 63.

Full "Parameter Object" implementation - 88 parameters accessible.

DeviceNet connector - sealed micro 5 pin circular, M12.

Isolated physical layer - processor and all I/0 are isolated from DeviceNet.

DeviceNet power draw - 50 mA.

Diagnostic Port

RS-232 Port allows configuration and local control over-ride from a terminal with a serial port.

Transient Protection

All 1/0 pins on the main board have fast acting, voltage limiting components, coupled with further suppression and isolation on the 1/0 board.

Robust Software

Self diagnosing and fault tolerant software allows graceful recovery from an upset without operator intervention.

Rugged Metal Case

All metal enclosure, with an integral , DIN rail locking system. Excellent shielding from electrical transients.

Quick Replacement

No tools are required to remove the module from an installation.

Small Size

Dimensions, with DIN rail mounting; 170 mm long x 92 mm wide, x 52 mm.

24V Power Supply

Auxiliary 24 volt power required, 3 Watts.

18 to 36 volt DC, or 14 to 26 volt (rms) AC.


DNA-1-A module, main board in case, with SCA I/O board, $1868

DNA-1-M module, main board in case, with SCM I/O board, $1885

DNA-1 module, main board in case, $1249

Notes:  SCA I/O board (shown in picture) is for general purpose control while the SCM is used for closed loop magnet control.  Price is dependent on quantity and is subject to change at any time without notification.


This module represents the DeviceNet implementation of the CNA - a module in the Group3 Control System. The Group3 system uses fiber optics for all communication, and is recommended for use in high voltage or extremely high noise environments.

DeviceNet is a trademark of Open DeviceNet Vendor Association, Inc.

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